You can go through Hell to Hell to save someone, for Love. They don't Love you if they want you stay. 
Leaving is hard. The hardest two questions we battle with is "How" and "When". It's never when the time is right. It's only when the mind is right, and you don't have much mind left.. If you're obedient and follow through, one day you won't have to complain, stay up all night yearning for God to help you, pretend to be happy and cry anymore over this situation.
 I woke up one morning, and I woke up(spiritual awakening). My spirit spoke to me "today's the day". I understood the assignment and frantically packed my $#!+, and my wife and I weren't even on bad terms. "Everything" I left no longer existed to me. I vowed to snatch my happiness off the cross and never to sacrifice it again...I wish I could say more. I can't untill you seek and learn to speak "Freedom".

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