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3rd EyE "Orgone" Ankh
3rd EyE "Orgone" Ankh
3rd EyE "Orgone" Ankh
3rd EyE "Orgone" Ankh

3rd EyE "Orgone" Ankh

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3rd EyE "Orgone" Ankh

 Rainbow moonstones,. Peridot. Red Jasper. Aquamarine.

 Every 3rd EyE Ankh is made with Herkimer diamonds, 24k Gold flakes, the highest quality gemstones and metals to form "Orgone":


1. Improving health


2. Aiding you on your spiritual growth and path


3. Neutralizing EMF radiation


4. Intensifying your dreams


5. Supporting restful sleep


6. Relieving stress


7. Purifying any area around the Ankh


8. Etc...

Making the 3rd EyE Ankh a real, usable Key to "your" life that actually "works"!