Designer in formation

    • I meditate you and yours are well !

    I've always been on a quest for the truth. The other truth! You know, the one that makes you pause for a fraction of a second when you're taught something that doesn't quite "feel" right. So I started digging. Internally, and externally for sacred Arcane information on History Energy Medicine Health Food Spiritually Love God. I'm also intrigued with creating  artful/tasteful ways of making this information sublimely attractive. So I've designed and handmake a third eye that works.  Not to see but to aid your vision. A artful device to remind you to Redesign you. Redefine you. Incite insight. Achieve anything within sight. Change your perspective. Charge your energy. Change your energy. Raise your vibration. Most of importantly, "Altar" your thoughts... 

                                             Enjoy every "now"!